Mix color laying
The following basic rules must be followed when laying colored concrete pavement.

To lay mixed color interlocking elements, it is necessary to pick elements from different pallets and lay them completely randomly. In this way, the finished pavement will have a mixed combination of colors (figure 2).

The failure to use this method may lead to the creation of areas of the pavement with exactly the same color with an unintended less aesthetically effect (figure 1). When using mixcolor products it is necessary to evaluate not just the color of the individual stones, layers or pallets, but to pay attention to the selection of pieces from multiple packages to prevent "color spots" as shown in figure 1 (laying examples, figures 1 and 2).

During the manufacturing stage, we are not able to guarantee a homogeneous coloring of all blocks. During the production phase, the colors are mixed randomly, obtaining lots with more or less variable shading; therefore, pay attention to the laying method suggested above.