About us
We are about identity, commitment, and values

Quality, elegance, and originality: these are the elements that have distinguished us for over 60 years in the outdoor pavement and stone cladding sector. The company philosophy is based on respect for our roots and a distinct identity, values that are embedded in our products. Continuous, accurate, and quality work, especially in combining tradition and innovation, has enabled us to be a leader in the field of interlocking concrete pavements. Our commitment to research has been rewarded with exclusive patents that are the evidence of our desire to be a point of reference in the outdoor paving market because of the quality and value of our products.

Excellence as a value

From sand and aggregate modelling to the market, our in-house R&D department has a stringent production quality control protocol. It carefully supervises every step of the process from raw materials to the finished product, and verifies compliance with the legislative framework, thereby issuing guaranteed certified materials.

Added values

SpinTech and StoneTech Technologies

Refined colors derived from natural stones

Stone-like elegance and contemporary style

A variety of colors, shapes and sizes

Exclusive and patented materials

Many installation solutions

Our brands

Disclosure requirements for public disbursements: State aid and de minimis aid received by our company are contained in the National Register of State Aid referred to in Article 52 of L. 234/2021, which can be consulted at the following link: https://www.rna.gov.it/RegistroNazionaleTrasparenza/faces/pages/TrasparenzaAiuto.jspx