Under certain environmental conditions, the materials may demonstrate efflorescence, that is, the presence of whitish and crystalline deposits caused by calcium carbonate.

This is a natural phenomenon, not preventable, which can be eliminated naturally with the rain or with the use of the pavement itself.

Indeed, efflorescence is the result of very thin calcium carbonate deposits that have a limited duration over time and that, when wet, seem to disappear. This phenomenon occurs mainly in certain humidity and temperature conditions, especially during the cold season when concrete curing times are longer.

The use of the pavement and certain weather conditions, such as wind and rain, degrade and remove these whitish deposits, eliminating the efflorescence effect naturally. As a result of the exposure of the pavement to weathering and its use, these deposits simply disappear. Therefore, no action is needed to remove the pieces showing this phenomenon.

However, efflorescence can also be eliminated with the use of specific chemicals. Micheletto, as the manufacturer, will not be held liable for any improper use of such chemicals. In fact, an improper use of such chemicals can affect the final appearance of the treated material and its coloring. Efflorescence, according to the European standard EN 1338 - EN1339 - EN1340, does not constitute a product defect and, therefore, does not represent a reason to refuse the supply or its relevant payment.