Grigliato Armonia® [Grid Armonia®]
Grigliato Armonia® [Grid Armonia®]


The new Grigliato Armonia is not only an outdoor permeable paving solution, but it is a living space, the right choice for a stylish green area. This new permeable concrete material combines performance with aesthetics and is perfect both in residential as well as in industrial and urban areas. It is particularly suitable for safeguarding the ecosystem and hydrological balance thanks to its exceptional permeability.

The problem of water stress. Many urban areas, which have undergone rapid and excessive development in the past, are now in a serious state of “water stress” due to poor management of one of the main resources available on the planet: water. The inability of rainwater to percolate into the soil due to the construction of roads, parking lots, non-permeable paving solutions, and the presence of artificial permeable systems that are obsolete or poorly managed, will lead to problems that will worsen over the years.

Grigliato Armonia, in addition to being an excellent aesthetic solution for green and outdoor areas, is also an ideal solution for the sustainable and efficient collection, recovery and reuse of rainwater.